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University Of Oklahoma Boomer Professor Tells His Class That "OK Boomer" Is The Same As "N----r" — OK Boomer.

Close your eyes, picture a boomer who thinks that "boomer" is directly equivalent to the N-word and has no issue saying that N-word (with hard R) in front of his class, out loud in public.

Wait, also picture your location is Oklahoma.

Okay open them.

You nailed it, you're a genius.

That's Professor Peter "Boomer" Gade. He goes by Professor Gade but he's affectionately known by students as Professor Boomer. Sometimes he tries to warm up his kids a little bit and let them call him "Professor Pete," but it doesn't really stick, so they just go with Professor Boomer mostly. 

Professor Boomer teaches, ironically, "Journalism, Ethics and Democracy," which I guess is kind of a good microcosm of journalism in general these days. When the guys in charge of teaching the ethics of it use hard R N words to complain about being called Boomer.

An OU professor in the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication used a racial slur during a class Tuesday morning, according to multiple students present in the class.

Peter Gade, director of graduate studies and Gaylord Family Endowed Chair, teaches Journalism, Ethics and Democracy — the only capstone course offered for journalism majors. [OU Daily]

Apparently during class he called on a student who said that one of the challenges of journalism is keeping up with the younger generations — a pretty good point, I thought. I mean I know the print media industry is absolutely thriving and newspapers are raking in money hand over fist as Millennials and Gen Z'ers are literally fist-fighting each other to grab the last copy of "The Post" off of newsstands, as the 5'6" man in a tweed jacket and little newsboy cap tries to keep the peace by offering 1 cent suckers. But still wouldn't hurt to try and bring in a large part of the population as a revenue-generating audience.

Then again I'm a J-school dropout, not the guy teaching the class. So I'll shut my mouth. Because Professor Boomer, who actually knows what he's talking about, saw this suggestion as a slur hurled directly at his old reporter face. A Journalism hate crime. 

Gade was discussing the changes in journalism related to technology and social media and made the point that journalism should stick to its more traditional roots, according to multiple students in the class.

Gade then called on a student who said journalists have to keep up with the younger generations as they continue to change. Gade said the student’s comment was the equivalent of saying “OK, boomer” to him. 

The class broke into light laughter but was interrupted by Gade’s next comment.

“Calling someone a boomer is like calling someone a n-----,” Gade said.

It should be noted that nobody actually called him a boomer. Professor Boomer brought it up all on his own, which is kind of impressive actually. He's hip, he's with it, he knows the lingo. He just fucking hates it and thinks it's a hate crime. 

I'm am neither African American nor Baby Boomer. I have no lived experience as part of either group. I am just a student of history, an educated third-party looking at the issue from the outside.  And my humble opinion, formed as an independent blogger taking both sides into account:

via The OU DailyNYDN