Annnnnnnd Miami Is On Fire

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Is that fire and smoke due to Miami fans rioting after LeBron left town and headed back to Cleveland?  Not sure but for their sake, I hope it is.  That sounds weird but it’s true.  Show us something, Miami sports fans.  People are always saying how pathetic you guys are (and it’s true, you guys are pathetic.  Remember when you guys were filing out of the stadium in Game 6 during the Finals and the Heat came back and won?  People don’t forget.) but this is an opportunity to show that you actually do care about……something sports related..  Burn that mother fucking city to the ground.  Do it.  Take to the streets and start looting everything in sight.  Don’t just shrug your shoulders and go back to the beach wearing all white.  Show the world you guys actually have spines.  Or don’t.  We actually don’t give a shit.

There ya go!.  Now we’re talking.  We want to see mass chaos though.

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