The #SISwimSearch 2020 Picks Their Final Six — Meet The Models!

SIBut alas, now it's time to announce the six women who will move forward as part of this year's model search competition and shoot a spread for the magazine in beautiful Turks & Caicos.

So without further ado...

There's a special place in my heart for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Of course, it reminds me of my childhood, back before all the Kazaas and Limewires and Morpheus's of the world, back when all we had was our parents' basement and static images on high glossy pages. Even with the emergence of the streaming services, it was still special to have those slim copies of pictures printed on paper, before billions of videos became instantly accessible via incognito windows. 

But also, it just melts my heart to see the company who published a hitpiece on the day of the Chernin deal about how Barstool sexually objectifies women put out their special edition magazine that literally generates the revenue that keeps the company afloat featuring literal nipples and bare assholes on the cover, at newsstands everywhere. Keeping the lights on for the empty desks left over from the completely wiped out editorial staff. It's a special kind of hypocrisy that could keep me warm even without a fire stranded in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. 

Meet your final six!

Clarissa Bowers

Tanayae White


Christie Valdiserri


Brielle Anyea


Maybe my frontrunner. Any chick that calls herself "chocolate chubby girl" and "thicc queen" is MY queen. Move over Lizzo.

Jamea Byrd

And finally, my GIRL:



Your mom could NEVER.

Who you got?