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Colorado Needs A New Head Coach and I Have Just the Man For the Job

News broke late last night that Mel Tucker was leaving Colorado after just one year a the Buffaloes' head coach to take the Michigan State job left vacant after Mark Dantonio's sudden departure. So now Colorado is in need of a new head coach after National Signing Day. Not an ideal situation for a college football program to find itself in.

But I have just the man for the job. A man who has been a head coach in the SEC. A man who has spent the last two years under the tutelage of Nick Saban, eagerly awaiting his opportunity to become a head coach again.

Look how fired up this man is for this opportunity!

And it's an opportunity he has already flirted with once, almost becoming Colorado's head coach in 2012 before eventually declining the job in boulder and going to Tennessee.

I honestly can't think of anyone better for the job. Sure, he might build the best roster in the country with a bout a dozen active NFL players and go 8-4, blowing multiple double-digit leads along the way. But all you can ask for in sports is a chance! And yeah, he *allegedly* punched a player, but let he among us who has not sinned cast the first stone. He's a good man! A builder of character!

Do I want the next year of Jones's $200,000 monthly paychecks coming from the University of Tennessee to stop rolling in? Yes. But more than anything, I just want this good man to get an opportunity he deserves. Make the call, Colorado.