Tennessee Burglar Caught After Leaving Behind List of Homes He Was Going to Rob

AP — Authorities in Tennessee say they busted a well-organized burglar after he allegedly dropped a notebook during a break-in that contained a list of other places he planned to target.

Robert Shull Goddard, 49, is accused of smashing a glass door and breaking into a Nashville area home on Jan. 29, stealing a TV and a gun from the residents, according to records filed in Davidson County court.

But prosecutors said Goddard left something behind that allowed authorities to solve the case — a notebook that listed multiple addresses, including one for another home a few miles away that had been burglarized that same day, The Tennessean reported. Investigators were able to identify the suspect, in part, through notes his daughter left in the journal, along with her address.

Man, what a kick in the dick.

You're doing a great job robbing and you're well on your way to crossing off all the homes on your list and then ... you lose the list. Now, maybe this is what sets my genius brain apart from that of someone now in Davidson County Jail, but at the point I realize the list has been misplaced and could be in the possession of the police, I cut my losses and abandon the rest of the plan. But not Robert. He showed up to the next house ready to rock and roll.

I can honestly respect the dedication. He was either completing the list or going down in a blaze of glory.

But I will compliment this guy on his dedication to the written word. Everything is on a screen nowadays. And you can't put your list of criminal activity on your phone that the government is spying on at all times, so he wrote out a nice list — something lost in today's society.

Let this just serve as a reminder to everybody that if you're going to break the law, don't keep a record of it. Just do your best to remember the next house.