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Winning Team Joins Losing Team For Post-Game Prayer In Honor Of Teammate Who Died On Day Of Game



With so many pussification stories coming out of our schools seemingly every day (like ANOTHER title game ending in a fucking tie), it’s nice so see a sports story that emphasizes sportsmanship and respect in a time of sorrow. Sorry to hit you with a pepper spray blog early on a Monday (too soon, ZooMass?) but it should be seen.

On Friday morning, Grandville High School (MI) player Ryan Fischer was found dead in his room from an enlarged heart. The co-captain’s team was scheduled to play the Division 1 state semi-finals that day. After consulting with Ryan’s family, the team honored both their and the family’s wishes and played the game as scheduled. However, they lost 3-0 to Detroit Catholic Central.

But what transpired immediately after the game was incredibly touching and poignant. The Grandville players (in maroon) gathered around their goalie and began dropping to one knee to say a prayer in memory of their dearly departed teammates. Within a few seconds, you hear a few cheers then the DCC players (in white and blue) come into view and join their just-vanquished opponents in honoring their late friend and teammate. It was an impromptu scene that served as a reminder that life and death will always be more important than wins and losses.

Well done, gents. A great example to set and a nice story to come from an awful tragedy.

Note: the embedded video would not play so click here to watch the emotional scene. H/T to @danallmayer for picture.