The Big Winner In All Of This LeBron Stuff? Cleveland? No, Skylar Grey


Hey did you guys hear LeBron is going back to Cleveland?  Of course you have.  But you’re missing the real story.  People are saying the entire city of Cleveland is the big winner here?  Wrong.  So wrong.  The big winner here is Skylar Grey and her Coming Home song and it’s not even close.  It’s basically like that song was built for this moment in sports history and if theres one thing people love more than food and booze, it’s montages.  Hell, I love’m too.  They’re emotional yet exhilarating.  Well prepare for millions upon millions upon millions of LeBron/Cleveland montages with that song slowly playing in the background.  I wish we could’ve had a live feed wherever Skylar was when this news broke.  She had to be the happiest person on planet Earth.  Skylar Grey, so hot right now, Skylar Grey.  Happy for you.