Coach Cal Giving Immanuel Quickley The Nickname 'Big Balls' Sums Up Kentucky's Season So Far

And just like that the greatest nickname of all nicknames was given. Immanuel 'Big Balls' Quickley. It makes 100% sense too. Quickley just might be the best clutch player in America. Every time Kentucky needs a big shot, he drills it. He doesn't miss late in the game. He's the 5th best free throw shooter in the country. He's also the reason Kentucky looks like Kentucky again. 

This is just from last night's win alone. A game Big Balls finished with 18 points and 5 rebounds. He also went 3-for-4 from three and 7-for-7 from the FT line. He also hit these two shots late which earned him the nickname Big Balls from Cal

He's quickly become Kentucky's most important player. Ashton Hagans hasn't played great the last 5 games - all wins because of Quickley. He's turned himself into a dagger shooter from three - up to 41% on the year now. He's a good defender, borderline great now on the ball. He's the calming force for Kentucky. When they need a bucket it's running a play for Quickley. 

He also drops A+ pictures after the game which gets old dudes huffy

All of Kentucky's Final Four teams had a dude like this. Doron Lamb was that twice, Darius Miller filled that role a b it, Aaron Harrison. And now Immanuel Quickley. This season turned around and turned around fast thanks to his gigantic balls.