Bill Walton Was So Damn Happy (And Probably High) To See This Monster Dunk From San Diego State

Throw it down big man! Throw it down! That's at least what I'm assuming Bill Walton said to anyone around him and/or just in his head. There are very few things that make me happier than seeing Bill Walton just pop up at random games. This picture from him at the Blazers game last year still makes me chuckle from time to time: 

I need him to keep showing up to somewhat random games. I know he's lived in in San Diego so it makes sense that he showed up to watch the last undefeated team in the country. Not only that - but now San Diego State clinched the Mountain West Conference and with just 4 regular season games left they now have over a 50% chance to go undefeated according to KenPom. 

Let's talk about SDSU real quick (the old reel you in with Bill Walton to talk about SDSU). How the hell are they here? It all starts with Washington State transfer Malachi Flynn. He's been an All-American during his first year as an Aztec with an absurd 30% assist rate and 10% turnover rate. Then you look and SDSU can actually shoot the hell out of the ball. They've never had a shooting team like this with Flynn at 36%, Matt Mitchell at 40%, KJ Feagin at 39% and Jordan Schakel at 44%. This isn't just a defensive team like you typically thought of when you thought of SDSU. 

I don't think they are the best team in the country. I do have some concerns with their depth and the fact they haven't played a Tournament team since the end of November, but this team is damn good. They remind me of a not as good Wichita State team that went undefeated and lost to Kentucky in the Round of 32. They have a similar makeup in terms of balance and scoring. 

Either way, we got a surprise Bill Walton showing and that's all that matters. That popcorn stood no chance