Trevor Bauer Comes After MLB Again In A Stupid Video That Makes Him Look Like A Big Dumb Idiot

I'm sure one of my credentialed colleagues is going to have a different take on all this but from where I sit Trevor Bauer sounds like a goddamn idiot. Turn it back to this: 

which lead to a pretty reasonable observation from not just Buster but any logical brain paying attention. 

What's the downside? What is so absurd for too many reasons to type on twitterIs it perhaps something you could capture on video? Because if so please share. 

And now we're back at the video. I have zero clue what he was arguing about the new playoff format. Nothing he said has anything to do with the new playoff format. Nothing about the absurdities. Just a vague reference in the middle of reiterating one of the most accepted truths in modern American recreation: Major League Baseball sucks at sharing content. 

No one is arguing against that, just curious how that has anything to do with getting 4 more teams to the playoffs? Answer: it doesn't. Has literally nothing to do with anything other than an opportunity to sound off SO LET'S SOUND OFF TREVOR

Call a spade a spade with me one time and admit that you're very salty that Rob changed the balls and you didn't adjust in 2019. Admit that you're hung up about getting your shit pushed in by the Astros in 2018 DS and unsatisfied with MLB's investigative results. Just one time for the people in the back admit that you don't want to play in another Ohio mid-market. Just be honest with us because the shit you're trying to pull in that video makes absolutely ZERO sense in comparison to your angst. 

The social media policy - the fuck does that have to do with him being a starting pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds? I complain less about it and it's my job. We just rip the videos anyways. Everyone knows it's the wild west under Rob just look no further than Jomboy. 

Clevenger's cleats - wtf was I listening to? Just because Mike Clevinger free based some pure acid and had a great vision about what his next pair of cleats should look like doesn't mean MLB has to roll back a century's worth of uniform code in the process. Let's make some concessions while accepting the simple fact SMOKEY THIS ISN'T NAM THERE ARE RULES. 

RULES. Say it with me Trevor it's okay they're just RULES about the color of your shoes you big pussy. Christ almighty I honestly can't believe I have to address this shit. Be softer Trevor. 

Up Next in his argument: "If you want to market the game, don't change it." 

My advice: if you want good advice about anything, don't ask Trevor Bauer. 

You can't argue that MLB doesn't market players, then in the same vein tell me MLB can't change to market players. That's a stupid argument Trevor. 

Instead, you could market yourself in any one of the 32 starts you're slotted to make in 2020. You could pitch your team into the postseason then actually make something of the opportunity instead of going 3.1 innings and 97 agonizing pitches. You could be marketable in the fact that you aren't being a total douchebag about something as simple as expanding October baseball. 

Or maybe you could just agree that you get shipped out of every clubhouse of all time ever. Literally an objectively toxic baseball presence by measures of everyone else's opinion. Why then, under those considerations, does Trevor Bauer feel compelled to speak on behalf of the league? Curious how many big leaguers stand by this guy. Knee jerk reaction is very little and in this case more than others, I would hate to be wrong.

PS - I've never been more disappointed in a comment section. Jon Lester co-signed this blog and you guys are out here painting murals for Trevor Bauer. Yes I'm surprised.