Blues/Ducks Game Postponed After Jay Bouwmeester Collapses On Bench; Thankfully, He's Alert And Responsive

Just an awful scene in Anaheim tonight as veteran Blues D-man Jay Bouwmeester collapsed on the bench after finishing a shift. Teammates frantically called for medics to tend to their fallen teammate; one view appeared to show EMTs working on Bouwmeester while he lay prone in the bench/hallway area.

Before you could even finish the thought, "How will these guys even go back to playing right now?", word came out that the two teams made the easy call and agreed to postpone the tilt. 

We've seen incidents like this before and they always scare the shit out of everyone because these aren't dehydration faintings. Sometimes, it's an issue a guy has always had but just never was aware of. Fortunately, the staff and equipment on and around an NHL bench is top of the line and is always aces in these situations. 

Thankfully there was some good news at last check, that JayBo is alert and responsive. Let's hope that he's ultimately fine.

Get well, brother.