Jim Boylen Had A Mind Boggling Postgame Interview Tonight

I don't know basketball, that's a complete and total given, so I personally stray away from Boylen/Garpax criticism as much as possible.  But this.... this ain't it, Chief.  Like holy hell, how can Jim Boylen's profession be leading men? He's set up to do nothing but fail.  Seems like a nice guy, but such a beta at the same time.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to be a beta while coaching in the NBA.  Im-fucking-possible. 

It's almost as if reporter KC Johnson was fucking with him, too.  Just throwing him unhittable pitches knowing he'd spin himself into the ground and look stupid.  But the answer was just soooo cringeworthy... "uhhhh uhhhh uhhh he was healthy enough to be active but he wasn't healthy enough to play and Felicio had to get minutes even though he's been doing this...

and this

and this

but again Gafford was available but he's not available at the same time because he's still working his way back and uhh uhh uhhh..."  

Holy shit man.  I really feel bad for him at this point.  He's easily Chicago media's biggest punching bag right now but it is what it is. Hopefully reports are true that Michael Reinsdorf is FINALLY ready to make a change at the top.  This guy said it best:

Just hearing the words "Marc Trestman" gives Chicagoland the heebie jeebies and Boylen is every bit on his level, if not worse.  Horrific