Obi Toppin - The Best Player In College Hoops - Absolutely Bullied His Younger Brother With A Lefty And-1 Windmill Dunk Over Him

And just like that Obi Toppin reminded everyone who the older brother is. This is beautiful - I say this as the older brother. There's nothing better in the world than just putting your younger brother in his place and I assume that's only 100x better when it involves breaking out a damn impressive dunk. 

The best part? The younger brother - Jacob Toppin at URI - actually tried talking shit and thought he was going to put Obi on a poster. Typical little brother.

"He always tells me to watch out, watch your head," Obi said, laughing. "'I'm going to dunk on you, put you on SportsCenter.' I'm like, you would never ever dunk on me – never. He says he's going to have the game of his life against our team, but I gotta put him in check sometimes to make sure he remembers that he's the little brother."

Not only that, but you're doing it as the best player in college hoops. Obi Toppin is starting to separate himself in the NPOY race as the clear favorite. He was kinda bunched up with Markus Howard, Myles Powell and Payton Pritchard with Luka Garza right behind them for most of the season. But Obi Toppin is the best player in America. 

Toppin is averaging 19/7 while being arguably the most versatile player in the country. He's really playing Dayton's 5 spot but can handle the ball and initiate the offense while shooting 36% from three. He's the reason why Dayton has arguably the best offense in the country and can run 5-out. He's also why Dayton is a Final Four contender this year. 

But more importantly he can just put this on loop in his brother's face and as an older brother that's all that matters.