Joel Embiid Just Swatted Marcus Morris' Soul Straight Out Of His Body

Marcus Morris is technically from Philly. I don't think there's anyone in the world besides Marcus Morris who would consider him to be a "Philly Guy" but he's from Philly nevertheless. Which would explain why this little triple B always gets so triggered by Joel Embiid every time the two play against each other. Marcus Morris can't stand that Joel Embiid will forever and always be more beloved in the city that he grew up in. Most people simply forget that Marcus Morris exists until the Sixers play against him. So as things were getting a little chippy tonight in the Sixers vs Clippers game, Morris decided to get a little pushy with the big fella. 

Now to be fair, that's probably not a fight that Joel Embiid wins. Not many fights are ones that he would win. He's great at running his mouth. He's great at getting to the line. I don't think Joel Embiid is much of a fighter. That's fine, though. Because Joel Embiid plays the long game. He knows he doesn't need to fight right then and there to end Marcus Morris' life forever. He knows that he doesn't need to throw a punch to snatch Morris' soul in his home city. All he had to do was wait about another minute before he could block his bitch ass straight back to Kansas. 

T's and P's. 

What a night from Embiid. What a night from Simmons. What a night from Josh Richardson. Embiid, this team and the entire Philly fanbase has the entire world's collective mind in such a pretzel right now. Everybody's brain is essentially a giant bowl of Jell-O trying to figure out how they're supposed to feel about this organization from the management to the fans and everyone in between. What a time in the two one five.