I Tried Warning You. I Said Don't Let Kentucky Get Hot - Kentucky Is Hot, Kentucky Is Good.

I tried warning you. I screamed it as loud as possible. Don't you dare let Kentucky get hot. Don't let them start to figure shit out. Look where we are. Covering on the road. That's the sign of an excellent team. The old good teams win, great teams cover - but excellent teams cover on the road. That's with Ashton Hagans nearly getting a triple double despite not having a great game. That's with playing in this funky ass gym at Vandy, who just beat LSU. 

And let's talk about Tyrese Maxey

There's a reason he's climbing up to a potential top-5ish pick despite not being projected that in the preseason. There's a reason he's starting to close more and more games. The dude just consistently made great decisions in the 2nd half to attack the rim. He's playing downhill. He's excellent at finishing different ways at the rim - whether it's off the wrong foot, a floater or the Euro step. Good luck figuring out who to stop this team. 

Live look at all the idiots writing off Kentucky a month ago: 

Beat Ole Miss on Saturday and then win the tough part. No one wants to see this team come March.