So You're Saying This Male Teacher Shouldn't Have Stripped Down To His Underwear In The Middle Of A Lecture?

MirrorStunned first year students were left open-mouthed when Dr Ian Lamond supposedly pulled this bizarre stunt during an events management lecture. The jaw-dropping footage appears to show the 51-year-old tutor enthusiastically stripping down to his baggy grey underpants in a bid to motivate the students. But judging by the response in this video, all it created was a wave of laughter as shocked students took to social media to share the hilarious footage. Despite his weird antics, Lamond remains in his post while the university launches an investigation, according to the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Technology claims another victim.  A shame, really.  As much as I use technology for this job, I really sorta hate technology.  It’s turned me into a monster who can’t go 45 seconds without refreshing Twitter or checking the blog.  Not to mention it’s determined the way I’ll die.  Checking Twitter while speeding down the highway and crashing into something.  Book it.  And now it’s stopping teachers from educating our youth.  Tragic.  I’m not saying I want to see a super hairy, middle aged professor strip down to his underwear during a lecture but we’ve all had weird teachers with weird teaching methods.  This guy just happens to strip down to his underwear to try and motivate his students.  It even says that in the article.  And it’s not like he pulled his dick out and was rubbing it all over the desks or anything.  He was simply trying to get a point across.  I have no idea what that point was but this I can guarantee.  Those kids will never ever forget what they were taught that day in class where their professor stripped down to his underwear and ran around the room.  People are gonna be outraged by this, but I saw a man trying to educate by any means necessary.  Professor Lamond is super dedicated to his craft and he shouldn’t have to apologize for that.

Sasquatch coming through to teach you words and numbers and stuff or whatever the fuck his subject is.

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