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Danica Patrick & Aaron Rodgers Send Teen '400 Popsicles' After Post-Surgery Video Goes Viral

When 18-year-old Callie Kessler was post-op in the hospital she only wanted one thing... To tell Aaron Rodgers she loved him so much, and that he was her best friend. Naturally, as most solid anesthesia videos do, it went viral:

She also had some nice things to say about the other Aaron on the team, to which many agreed:

And he was kind enough to reply, too:

And then lo & behold, in a response to Kessler's video-ending request for 400 popsicles:  

Danica Patrick, the most successful woman in the history of Indycar racing (NBD) & Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend, sped to her aide & delivered on those 400 pops:

I've never had a pro-athlete or pro-driver or celebrity respond to my Tweets, but Mr. Peanut (RIP) did slide in my DMs once so I get how Kessler feels. Hope she gets well soon & enjoys the shit outta those pops.


After trouble trying out words in the headline I told myself I wasn't allowed to start this blog until I could spell anastheisa right, so here are my attempts as a bonus. (I can tell it's wrong on the back end of the site thanks to red-squiggle lines that let me know I'm a moron.)






Anesthesia - GREEN LIGHT! SAD!