Cincinnati Is Listening To Offers For The #1 Pick As Rumors Swirl That Joe Burrow Doesn't Want To Be A Bengal

I don't really see a world where Joe Burrow isn't the #1 pick come draft night. For awhile now, it appeared that Burrow was going to become a Cincinnati Bengal. At one point, I believe I read that the Bengals weren't even listening to offers for the #1 pick, that's how in they were on Burrow. 

That seems to be changing:

And then there is this:

In a shock to absolutely nobody, Burrow may feel that the Bengals don't have a "Super Bowl winning culture." 

So it’s nice radio voice Dan Patrick asked about being taken by Cincinnati at No. 1 and you said, “You want to go No. 1, but you also want to go to a great organization committed to winning, committed to winning Super Bowls.

It’s nice on the follow-up, where he asked if you’d look good in Bengals colors, you said, “I’d look good in any colors.

It’s nice to hear Carson Palmer, the former Bengals quarterback and brother of your personal coach, Jordan, say, “That’s why I wanted out (of Cincinnati). I never felt the (Bengals) organization was really trying to win a Super Bowl.”

Would it be possible for the Dolphins to make a trade for the #1 pick? The Dolphins have 3 first-round picks this year…#5, 18, and 26. That plus maybe a few other picks should be more than enough to get it done. The question for the Dolphins remains whether they feel it's better to keep #18 and #26 while taking Tua at #5. 

Can't blame for Burrow wanting to be in Miami over Cincinnati. What does Cincinnati have? Sky Chilli? A disappointing college basketball team?