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Bs Land Meszaros For A 3d Rounder, Pick Up Potter On Waivers

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The Bruins picked up some help on the back end, acquiring Andrej Meszaros from the Flyers for a 3rd rounder and grabbed Corey Potter off waivers from Edmonton. Nothing splashy, for sure, but high-end defensemen weren’t as available as goalies were this trade deadline.

Meszaros can contribute offensively and can be physical in his own end, though injuries have slowed down his game. He spent most of this year in Craig Berube’s dog house so a change of scenery (and fellow Slovak Zdeno Chara) will be a welcome change for him. He’s no game-breaker but he will fill a need in the top four. He’ll be UFA after the season and carries a $4M cal hit.

I always liked his game in Ottawa though that was many moons and miles ago. But for the price of a 3rd, I won’t complain.

Potter will likely be a black ace for the playoffs and is essentially the 8th D-man/insurance.

What does suck is that the Habs got Bruins-killer Thomas Vanek from the Isles. But I’ll worry about him if/when the Bs draw the Habs in the playoffs.

Sure, I would’ve preferred a Seidenberg doppelgänger myself. But that type of guy just didn’t seem to be available, based on the trades that were made.

While the Bs aren’t as strong/experienced on D as last year, they do have more offense this year. This trade makes the overall D a little better. And they still have Tuukka. All of which means they’re still a Cup contender, despite not making a huge deal today.

If you’re disappointed today, then you likely had too high of expectations to begin with.