Italian Soccer Player Mario Balotelli Has A Message For His Haters Out There And It Involves A Shotgun

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 9.35.38 AM

Yeah!  Shotgun barrel pointed right at your face on this Friday morning!  Big kiss!  Who needs coffee?  I gotta say, shit like this is some of my favorite because I’m absolutely stunned by how it all came together and Mario actually clicks send on that picture.  Mario has 900,000 followers on Instagram.  I just don’t fundamentally understand how a person that famous can go, “I hate my haters.  Alright, you know what we’re gonna do?  I’m gonna go get my shotgun and point it at you while you’re holding my phone.  It’s gonna be awesome.  Should we do it in the living room?  Nah let’s do it in the dining room.  The light is better in there.  Alright, got the shotgun, I’m pointing it at you.  Take the picture  Did you get a good one?  Sweet, just gonna send this out to 900,000 people” and at no point during that production he or somebody around him raised their hand and said this might be a bad idea.  Not a single one.  It’s like those companies that keep doing those Twitter hashtag #AskRogerGoodell things.  It’s not going to end well.  It just won’t.  Mario already deleted the picture and is getting blasted for it.  At this point I don’t think athletes will ever learn.

PS- I wouldn’t fuck with a dude with a crazy mohawk to being with, but add a shotgun into the mix and I’m officially pissing my pants.  All of that just screams crazy.