Shout Out To This Montana LB Who Hid From The Cops In A Dumpster After Being Caught Drinking Underage

A Griz football player pleaded guilty Monday after being accused of running from cops and hiding in a dumpster downtown after getting caught drinking underage at the Top Hat early Saturday morning, according to court records.

Tyler Mathew Flink, a 20-year-old University of Montana Grizzlies linebacker from Missoula, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor obstruction of a peace officer and being a minor in possession of alcohol in Missoula Municipal Court on Monday morning.

Nothing but respect for Tyler Mathew Flink. This ultimate Montana crime makes me think higher of him, not that I had any thoughts on him prior to this.

I'm under the assumption that it should be legal to drink in Montana once you are like 14. Why not? Those folks go through brutal winter after brutal winter and they aren't allowed to crack a beer open until they are 21 like a shmuck from Florida?  That ain't fair!!!

I, also, believe that if you sacrifice yourself for a misdemeanor like underaged drinking by jumping into a dumpster you should be allowed to go home uncharged. That's what America means to me.