Virginia May Have Just Legalized Premarital Sex

Over 200 years ago around the time my home state of Virginia was forming and therefore making up laws for its people to follow a law was put on the books making the act of fornication a.k.a boning without putting a ring on it. The law was most likely proposed by the members of Virginia's congress who pulled the trigger on locking-it-down a little early and were jealous of their colleagues who waited and were swimming in sex with loose unmarried women who were aroused by powerful men in powdered wigs. Fortunately for college students and divorcee's everywhere in the commonwealth, the Virginia House of Delegates voted to repeal the crime of "Fornication" last week.

Man, the late 1700's must have been quite a time, serious STD's and DNA tests hadn't been invented yet, and if your side piece was getting clingy you could just accuse her of being a witch and let the townspeople take care of the rest. Of course a few puritanical bad apples had to mess up this sexual utopia by making sex with anyone but your wife a crime. As a result, for the last two centuries Virginians have had to try and make sense of not being able to legally bang in a state with the motto "Virginia is for Lovers." 

According to Virginia penal code § 18.2-344, Fornication is defined as "Any person, not being married, who voluntarily shall have sexual intercourse with any other person, shall be guilty of fornication, punishable as a Class 4 misdemeanor." 

If i'm being honest here, I was reluctant to cover this story in the first place because the repeal still has to go through the Virginia Senate and there are potentially serious legal ramifications for myself and to a lesser extent the other Hard Factor guys (who are also Virginians) if the law were to come knocking. I'm not trying to sound tough here, but beginning at a Hampton Inn & Suites after Junior Prom in 2002 right up until I moved to Austin, TX in 2009, I was what the courts would call a "habitual offender" of this statute. With fines of up to $250 per occurrence I could be facing at LEAST $750. Maybe even $875 if the judge counts halves. 

On behalf of all Virginias I want to thank the brave/horny Virginia state delegates like Mark Sickles and Mark Levine who fought hard to repel this legal cock-block. Now hopefully the other states with similar laws on the books will follow suite, specifically Mississippi where Fornication is punishable by marriage at gunpoint. 

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