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Giannis Thinks He Can Be An Even Better Basketball Player Thanks To His Kid And New Magical Dad Strength

I don't hate this line of thinking one bit. I say this as a dad to a 5-month old. I 100% expected to get better at things like knowing how to fix shit and things along that nature. That's what dad's do. They learn how to fix shit, they learn random things and I'm still convinced there's some sort of dad school you go to. Somehow that has not come true, but I still believe it. Although technically you can go to dad school for free - just listen to Podfathers 

But back to Giannis. Imagine if he starts becoming an even more consistent shooter? That'd be fucking terrifying. He's already upped his 3pt shooting as a career 28% to 31% this year. But more importantly he's actually looking to shoot. He's averaging five 3PA's per game this season - his previous high was 2.8. We saw Fred VanVleet play out of his goddamn mind last year in the playoffs when his kid arrived, so there is some precedent here. 

It's amazing how lovable Giannis really is despite being a star. No one really hates him, which is rare these days. Whether he's getting horny during the Super Bowl halftime show, thinking he has magical powers now that he has a kid or spent a summer going around and trying American food, he's just a big goofy star. 

I'm here to tell noted Stoole Giannis, that won't happen. Instead you'll be up late because you'll hear your kid crying. It doesn't matter that you're on pace to win another MVP. You're going to be changing literal shit and listening to your wife explain how every single part of her body hurts while you frantically search to hire a new nurse. He's gonna love being on the road.