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Ladies And Gentlemen, We've Had Our First Decapitation Of The College Lacrosse Season

Just a little something light for all the haters back home who still think that lacrosse is soft. 

Lowers the shoulder. Drives through the body. Helmet goes flying. Soul comes flying straight out of his body. No flag on the play. That's just big boy lacrosse right there. 

Also--let this be a little lesson to all you kids back home about risk vs reward. Clearly #19 on Towson here is wearing his chinstrap nice and loose. You do that because it looks way sicker and gives you that ultimate tilt. When you're wearing a uniform as crispy as Towson is typically rocking, you don't want to be the guy who ruins the whole thing by wearing your helmet like a dweeb and catching a case of Second Bar Syndrome. But the risk you run of having your chinstrap that loose is if you get blown up like #19 did here off the faceoff, your helmet is about to get blasted into orbit and now you are going to be on every highlight package for the rest of the season. Is the reward worth the risk? That's up to you to decide for yourself. I'm just thankful he went for style over efficiency here because I won't get sick of watching this on loop for at least another few weeks.