Time To Demand Justice: A Ukrainian Soccer WAG Could Go To Jail For 3 Years For Singing The National Anthem In A Yellow Thong

[Source] - But Moroziuk’s outfit was deemed inappropriate by many, who condemned her for singing the anthem while flashing her lingerie.

According to Ukrainian lawyer Yuriy Yurchenko, she could even face up to three years in prison for abusing state symbols.

This is one of those situations we need to slide under the rug. Is it illegal? Apparently because she's wearing a blue shirt and yellow thong - the colors of the flag. Imagine if we had that sort of rule over here. We'd lose out on gems like this: 

And those are just the two obvious ones that pop up. Two legendary images right there. Two pictures that make me proud to be an American. That's what Ukraine should do here. You got a hot chick nailing the anthem wearing blue and yellow. 


Top-1 rendition of the Ukrainian anthem that I've ever heard. I just couldn't sit back and not bring up a demanding of justice despite not living in the Ukraine. If soccer wives and other females (or males, we don't judge in 2020) want to sing the national anthem of their country in a thong, go ahead and belt it out.