Jessica Simpson Laughs PETA Activists Out Of The Room After They Try Storming Her Book Signing

Source - Jessica Simpson was confronted by animal rights protesters who crashed her book signing Monday night -- and she came off as pretty patronizing.

The singer was on stage with Katherine Schwarzenegger at the Aratani Theatre in L.A., where she was talking about her new memoir, "Open Book," when a swarm of PETA peeps jumped up from out in the crowd with signs and chants against wearing fur.

It looks like they were escorted out by security, but check out the way JS responded to all the noise ... she says it's beautiful they stand up for what they believe in, but does so in a sarcastic tone. 

What a queen. I mean look at these assholes... 

The only thing you can do is laugh. Laugh and watch as they die on a hill that no once cares about. Credit to Jessica for setting the tone. "At this point I don't even move." **Audibly laughs. That's got to sting, right? Getting laughed at when you're completely serious. It's actually the most infuriating thing you can do to a person. Growing up my brother used to laugh in my face when I would get mad and it would send me into a rage. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for standing up for what you believe in, but there has to be a clear message and it has to make sense. Organized effort is almost always a more effective tactic in creating change than chaos. Again, credit to these guys for doing their thing, but all it did was make them look like a bunch of goobers. Jessica, on the other hand, handled it like a pro. 

Which isn't surprising considering they show up at just about every event she has...

Jessica actually tells Katherine she's used to this by now, and she's absolutely right. We know of at least two other anti-fur confrontations she's had as of late on the same day.

There was a large protest at a Barnes & Noble in NYC where Jessica was doing a book signing, and later as she was leaving a restaurant -- confronted yet again. She never engaged with them about a week ago when this all went down -- but now, she is.

Jessica's known for having worn fur in the past -- it's unclear if she still does, or what the anti-fur folks seek to gain at this point.

Keep doing you, Jess. Keep doing you.