Last Night There Was An Incredible Wheel of Fortune Final Puzzle Solve For The Ages

From this:

To this!

Fucking incredible solve right there. We've seen some terrible Wheel of Fortune plays in our time. I've taken dozens of videos explaining how bad many WoF players are. So credit where credit is due to Jessie for knocking this one out of the park. The way she figured out the last word was "juicer" is incredible. Who thinks of "juicer"? Jessie thinks of juicer. What's funny is when you already know the answer and your brain starts telling you "obviously it's juicer". Don't let your brain fool you like that. Figuring out the last word is "juicer" is nearly impossible...and then nailing the "buying" part is impressive as well. All in all one of the best final puzzle solves in Wheel history. 

Not sure anything will beat this one doesn't even make sense that he got it

Do you know it?

Check it out:


And I'd be remiss if I didn't include this video. If you haven't seen it...brace yourself.

Breaks my heart every time.

And one more. And I hate to include him in this blog, but I wouldn't be doing my blogger duty if I didn't. Guy just never heard of Achilles before. Brutal.