Ratings For 'The Bachelor' Were Up 13% Last Night And Chris Harrison Says The Luggage Guy Cameo Was A 'Game Changer'

Holy shit my life is complete. It's more than complete actually. I was happy to just be the Luggage Guy on The Bachelor and nothing else but now lots more stuff is happening. The ratings for The Bachelor just came out and they were up 13% from last week and the GOAT Chris Harrison says that the Luggage Guy cameo by yours truly was a game changer. VERY strong words from the best to ever do it. I've long said that Chris Harrison is better at his job than anyone in the world and that's not an opinion, it's a fact. He just is. He's the heart and soul of The Bachelor Universe and we'd be completely lost without him. And now he's giving me partial credit for the ratings being up 13% last night. I don't know if he's joking or not but I'm gonna go ahead and believe he's dead serious. 

I kinda do believe it if we're being honest. After the teaser trailer dropped last week I had so many people tweet at me saying that they were gonna watch the show for the first time ever because of my Luggage Guy cameo. That's so fucking cool man. What a world. The lesson as always is never doubt the power of the Stoolies.