Leave It To General Smitty To Gloat About Beating 2 People That've Never Played N64 44-0

Color. Me. Shocked. There’s only one man out there with the audacity to make fun of beating people 44-0 in a game they’ve never played before & he goes by the name of General Smitty. Robbie & I are young. Bob’s 21. I’m 23. Us boys have never had to play those old N64 games as we had the pleasure of growing up with high-quality classics like GTAIV, all the Spider-Man’s, Mario Kart Wii, and all the great COD’s starting with Modern Warfare. See now here’s the kicker- When General Smitty was pushing pasta you know what I was doing? Finishing my geometry homework before sundown so I could play Rust lobbies for the rest of the night. Every night. And you know what’s back on COD today? RUST! Hope he’s ready to enter the Thunderdome because as national champion Coach Ed Orgeron says- WE COMIN’.

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