Dana B, You've Got Firewatch, Bitch.

Sometimes the ZBT crew can have little segments that I'm not sure if the non-mil crowd gets so let me explain. Firewatch is basically duty. In reality, it means guarding the weapons and the troops, in that order, to make sure nothing is taken. You start doing firewatch in boot camp and then it shifts to barracks duty or to firewatch again when you're in the field. If you fuck up, extra firewatch. If you mess up a tiny regulation, firewatch. 

Getting your haircut in the barracks in a no-no. Dana B did that and fucked up his hair. It's common. Happens all the time. He wont make that mistake again because he'll have plenty of time to think about it on firewatch. 

Some barracks cuts are worse than others. Dana's wasnt that bad. That's why he didnt get two shifts of firewatch.

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