Rich Guy Jon Peters Says He Married Pamela Anderson After She Proposed Via Text Message, Paid Off Her $200K Debt, Then She Dumped Him 12 Days Later

NY POST Hollywood producer Jon Peters claimed Monday that his 12-day marriage to Pamela Anderson went bust after he paid off some of the “broke’’ actress’s debts — adding, “There’s no fool like an old fool.”

Jon Peters is a big swinging dick in Hollywood, the producer of "A Star Is Born", a man with a star on the Walk of Fame, a man who, no matter what his age, would seem to have his pick of the women in California. 

But for over 30 years, his heart was set on one. 

Despite 4 marriages to other women, there's only one that he ever truly wanted. 

And last month...she finally came running.

Jon was engaged to someone else, making wedding plans, when the little blip-blip of his cell went off — the blip-blip he'd been waiting for his whole life — Pam Anderson proposing. 

He said Anderson, 52, proposed to him in a text.

“Needless to say that when she texted me that she wanted to get married, it was kind of a dream come true even though I was engaged to someone else and the lady was moving in,’’ Peters wrote.

“I dropped everything for Pam."

The pair had secretly tied the knot in a Malibu ceremony Jan. 20.

They had dated in the past, had always had a spark between them, but could just never seem to find their way to each other.

Until January, 2020, and that fateful SMS.

What a beautiful thing.

What looked like a fairy-tale romance, the kind of love that couldn't even be scripted into a Jon Peters-produced blockbuster because it was too perfect for audiences to believe…

…ended up being exactly that.

Too perfect to believe.

Then they announced Feb. 1 that they were splitting.

She had almost $200,000 in bills and no way to pay it so I paid it and this is the thanks I get. There’s no fool like an old fool.’’

A source previously said Anderson felt she had foolishly jumped into the marriage because her heart was “too open’’ from a recent “spiritual cleanse’’ in India.

I don't want to throw stones from my glass house. Who am I to judge? We've all come back from a spiritual cleanse in India and found our hearts too open to continue with the marriage we've spent 12 days of our life working to build from the foundation up.  I wasn't in the group chat. I'm not in Pam's head. I have no right to even THINK that she used a guy with unlimited money who she knew had a crush on her for 4 decades just to pay off her debt, despite what the context clues may suggest. Sometimes people just fall out of love. Sometimes they let it fester for years, with quiet resentment building up and building up until the relationship becomes toxic and someone explodes — sometimes it's better to just rip the band-aid off right away. Like, before two weeks are up.

But Jon Peters didn't build a financial empire on being a dummy. He's smart enough to try and win the break-up. He's pushing a different narrative than the one controlled by Pam and forced through the mainstream media: 

HE broke up with HER.


…But Peters implied that he told Anderson they were over in a text.

Peters said, “There’s a lot more to the story but I think the text … is self explanatory’’ — attaching a copy of what he wrote “dear pammy’’ to tell her they were through.

“these past 9 days have been a beautiful amazing love fest,’’ he texted the actress. But “this whole marriage thing with lawyers, debt, and jazmin [sic] has scared me. it made me realize that at 74 i need a simple quiet life and not an international love affair.”

Peters says HE changed his mind — for multiple reasons, a major one being he looked into her work with "Jazmin," a "racy, sex-positive lifestyle website" and wasn't comfortable with it. He found out there was another side to his sweet and innocent new bride, a side nobody with no access to the internet post-1997 could have ever seen coming.

“Since I have worked my whole life to try to make something for myself, that was very concerning to me,’’ he said of Anderson’s ties to the site.

So it goes. 

He wanted to let the relationship die in peace, but after Pam revved up the PR machine and started spreading rumors that he was "too controlling," he had to fight back and defend himself.

As for the source who claimed Anderson considered Peters “controlling,’’ the producer said, “I welcomed her into my life with open arms and love since I have looked after her for many years.

“If she meant controlling- I’ve paid … [her] bills since she was broke. I bought her a completely new wardrobe."

Who knows who to believe. As always, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Break-ups are tough. There's nothing to do but mourn the death of the relationship and move on, spiritually-cleansed and debt free.