A Statement of Regret Regarding The Cat I Saw On The Highway This Morning

Earlier this morning while taking my children to school, I was driving in my 2004 f250 diesel with a rebuilt bulletproof engine (picture below) and something caught my eye. 

On the drive to school, I passed one of those boxes that are for clothing donations. You know the ones. They are usually blue with some stickers and shit on the side. The sticker usually says something about, "please place your lightly used items gently in the bin. Items beside the bin will be considered trash."

I've never understood that. Why trash something if it's usable simply because it's beside the bin? What if I have so many donations that the bin becomes overflowing with my generosity? Not saying that giving old clothes is an example of shining generosity but it's certainly not an example of stinginess. To that fact, we can all agree. 

With the roar of my engine after coming to a full and complete stop at the light, a little grey kitty cat with white patches darted from by the bin and out into the road. 

"What a delight," I yelled at the top of my lungs while weeping as the cat began to groom herself in the middle of the street. Awestruck, I turned the music down in order to really take in the moment. In reality, the music should have been kept up high because the soundtrack that was playing (karate kid) was a beautiful tribute for such a beautiful cat with a funky little attitude. I could totally see this little grey piece of work doing the crane kick. Can you imagine LOL

I was tapping my foot on the gas and watching the cat just excel in her element. It was wonderful! Moments later, the light turned green and the cat ran into some bushes. I smiled and belted out "SHE IS A CAT WHO WILL FIGHT IN YOUR HONOR! HAHA. She'll be safe there," I said after mentally preparing to drive again. Safety is paramount. After turning the volume back up on my new head unit (picture below), a sense of grief overwhelmed me. 

I forgot to take a picture! I was so in the moment that capturing the moment wasn't even on my mind. Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal but just yesterday I established the Kitten Krew here at Barstool. Me, Kate, Caleb, Feits, and Big Cat (naturally). I supplied 2 pictures to our group chat yesterday but I could have had a picture from the wild today. What a delight that would have been. This cat and it's gray markings would have provided plenty of fodder for multiple radio shows today. But, as they say, cats have 9 lives, so I'll give myself another chance. After all, San Antonio has way more stray cats than dead birds. I'm excited about the future and I gotta say, that feels good. Not as good as sexual intercourse but good. Enjoy your Tuesday, yall. You're the cat's meow.