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LaVar Ball Is Still Trying To Get Lonzo To Invest All His Money In BBB

Yikes LaVar, pull yourself together man. We're still doing this whole BBB shit? I thought that wasn't even a thing anymore after everyone realized the shoes were trash, that one dude stole a shit ton of money, nobody got their orders on time and the whole ordeal seemed to be a giant disaster. When your own son comes out and says the shoes were garbage and the brand is demolished

and you add to it that he already lost a shit ton of money investing in BBB, chances are he's not going to be in all that much of a rush to fork over more cash. With LaMelo about to be a top 3 pick it looks like I can see how LaVar thinks this is the perfect opportunity for another round of funding, but I feel like you just have to bite the bullet on this one and think of something different. Remember, this is the same dude that said his sons would never sign with Nike and would instead rock BBB. Yeah, I dunno about that. 

Now it's fair to say that LaVar has done a lot in terms of building the profiles of his sons, he should be commended for that. But on the dude's birthday dinner you hit him up for cash for your failing business and brand? That's tough. I almost respect the delusion to think that even after losing his son a shit ton of money he has the balls to go back and say they should double down. That's why LaVar is LaVar. Logic does not apply. 

We've all had awkward family dinners I'm sure. But I can't imagine sitting at that table. Poor Lonzo, all this dude wants to do is have a solid NBA career and focus on throwing lobs to Zion. LaMelo is going to be a high lottery pick and is going to have to deal with this same shit once he gets his bag. Just stop trying to make BBB happen, it's getting sad at this point.