Pray For Purdue: Penn State (#BarstoolBestBar) Champs Is Running 13 Cent Beer Night Due To PSU Being Ranked 13th

You may remember the name Champs from #BarstoolBestBar. They ended up losing to Sup Dogs in the finals, but not before we had major celebrities hyping them up. 

Perhaps you remember the name Champs for Sophie Turner creating mayhem there: 


Or perhaps the Jonas Brothers debuting a new single: 

You get the point. These people fucking love Champs and it appears to be for a good reason. Why? Because they are hosting 13 cent beer night tonight. It starts at 10pm! That's so early. College kids are about to get completely fucked up for under $10. Penn State plays Purdue at 6:30. Game ends at 8:30ish. That means you only have to kill about an hour before this deal kicks in? That's nothing. 

All this is doing is reminding me how goddamn awesome college prices are. You don't realize it at the time because that's all you really know, but there's nothing better than coming back as a recent grad and feeling like you are a high roller because you can afford a bucket of beer for $6. I remember at Kentucky, Two Keys would have all you can drink every Thursday - $5 for girls, $10 for dudes. Think about that. You'd get fucked up for absolutely nothing. Every college has some sort of deal like this too, which is why going to a college area is always hilarious. 

And how about Penn State hoops? Pat Chambers has been desperate for a team like this for years now. He seemingly was on the hot seat for years. They won the NIT a couple years back and it felt like okay, they are ready to turn the corner. That didn't happen … until this year. The biggest reason is the fact that Chambers finally has his best offensive team during his time at Happy Valley. They rank 34th in the country to go with their 16th ranked defense. That's the combo you're looking for. It's also an experienced team. Lamar Stevens and Mike Watkins have been in college forever. He has good sophomores in Myles Dread and Myeron Jones. They are also playing uptempo and getting to the rim, actually making them fun to watch. 

So shout out State College. You're in for a hell of a night tonight.