Steph And Klay Have NO GODDAMN CLUE How To Play Rock, Paper, Scissors

There is nothing more classic than playing rock, paper, scissors to determine an argument winner. If you can't shoot for it, you play rock, paper, scissors. Personally I think every single dispute should be settled with either a 3-pointer or this game. Nothing else. 

We saw this come to fruition last night. Klay/Steph trying to decide who would talk about Iggy after his tribute video and welcome him back to the Bay. What else do they have to do? Both are rehabbing injuries. The Warriors currently stink. They gotta find a way to entertain themselves, so this is what they come up with. We've seen why  rock, paper, scissors should always be the answer too: 

Even if that beloved lunatic Carl has no idea how to properly pronounce the game: 

But this? What the FUCK is happening here? Klay and Steph aren't young bucks. This isn't some new trend. You don't change how you play rock, paper, scissors. Everyone knows the rules. You go 'rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT' and then you toss out your option. Don't believe me: 

They are out here throwing on rock, paper, shoot. I can't stress how big of a lunatic move that is. Not even just a lunatic move. That's just flat out wrong. This is 100% why the Warriors dynasty should be done, finished, cooked. You can't have guys who are the face of the league out here just incorrectly playing a game that will be around for centuries longer than they will. Who the fuck taught these guys how to play? The scary thing is one of them doesn't question the other! There's no confusion. It's complete anarchy. 

There are rules in this society and more importantly there are strict rules for rock, paper, scissors. First, you call it just that. None of this paper, rock, scissors bullshit, Carl. Second, it's rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT. None of this insane behavior from Steph/Klay. Finally, it's always best of 3. That's it. That's how you determine the winner. You don't play anything less or anything more.