Trevor Bauer Bodied Commissioner Rob Manfred Into Another Galaxy

Well that escalated quickly. For the first half of that tweet I thought we were getting some normal Trevor Bauer shenanigans on Then the second half kicked in. Oh you know just the face of baseball twitter calling out his commissioner and telling him he has no clue about the sport that he governs and oversees. Normal Monday night stuff here. 

Trevor Bauer truly gives zero fucks. I mean absolutely zero point zero fucks. Remember when people hated Bauer for being that weird nerd on social media who was too into science? Now he's beloved and the voice of every fan with a brain. Going after the Astros and now Rob Manfred for potentially ruining Major League Baseball. My king. That's what happens when there's a potential radical shift of 7 playoff teams in each league and top seeds picking their opponents. 

I DARE Manfred to suspend Bauer or punish him in anyway for this. If he didn't go after the Astros players for cheating their way to a World Series then you can't come down on a guy for sending a tweet. That's how it works, pal. Bauer might show up to Manfred's home with a bat if he gets suspended for this. 

I'd also like the record to show I'm placing my vote for Commissioner Didi to replace Manfred. Only good things would happen. 

P.S. Hey assholes. Do you want to grow your game? Chang the fucking social media rules and let us tweet out clips like the NBA does. Why do you think the NBA is so popular? People know what's going on just by scrolling Twitter! People who normally don't watch the sport can get interested that way and will want to watch more moving forward. It's not that hard of a concept.