The Blackhawks Might Have To Be Sellers Because The Market Has Been Set

Live look at Stan Bowman when he saw this trade

I know not all trades are created equal and that the Penguins wanted to get their man. Zucker is a perfect fit for them and has nice value going forward at only $5.5M for the next three years. Having said that...Minnesota got a HAUL for Zucker. Say what you will about Galchenyuk, but he is still only 25 years old and had scored 30 goals in the NHL before. There's also zero risk involved because the Wild can walk away from his $4.9M after this year because he's a UFA. The Wild also got the Penguins top prospect AND a first round pick in 2020. 

That package...well, the Hawks aren't in a position to turn something like that down. I want to be in the playoffs and all of that. I do. Having said that...I know, and you all know if you're reading this, that the playoffs are likely ending in a quick, but spirited, series vs the St Louis Blues. Realistically the Hawks are better off selling. It sucks, but it is what it is. This is what I want to do...

Make Robin Lehner an offer of like 5 years and $35M. If he says no then the Blackhawks call up Carolina immediately. Lehner has been linked to them per Pierre Lebrun. They need to upgrade their goaltending if the Canes want another playoff appearance. Lehner would definitely do that for them. The Canes have A LOT to offer in return too. They have an extra first round pick thanks to the trade with the Leafs. Carolina also has a top 5 prospect pool by any ranking. Let's make a deal. 

I love Lehner as much as the next guy, but if the Hawks can't sign him that is okay. The goalie market is DEEP this off-season and the Hawks also have Corey Crawford who has proven that he can still be a legit #1. I can only imagine how good Corey would look with a competent defense in front of him. Sign him to a reasonable three year deal. 

Would the Canes do Jamieson Rees and the Leafs' first round pick for Lehner? I feel like they'd be foolish not to do that. Lehner could be the last piece to the puzzle for a team in the thick of a playoff race and round away from the Final last year. 

Jamieson Rees would give the Hawks a high-end prospect who plays the game hard and plays the right way. He is an NHL player. He's the opposite of Nylander. A hard ass who plays fast and can set guys up. He would be a perfect wing opposite of Debrincat someday. More ammo in the first round of the draft. 

If the Hawks are ever going to get where they want to go they need more impact guys in the top 9. Guys who can support Toews, Kane, Debrincat, Dach, Saad and Strome. This is their chance to do it. Make this move. Fire Stan. Have a good draft(they could've had Jamieson Rees last year in the 2nd round), and get ready to roll in 2020 with Mitchell, Boqvist, and deHaan back.