Adorable Must Watch - TJ Oshie Has Earned Himself A Donut After Scoring A Goal Tonight

That might be the cutest gosh darn thing I've ever seen. Absolutely adorable. Oshie's daughter says he can have a donut if he scores a goal. Oshie tells her he will try.

Then what happens? You already know...

That's just awesome. The video of Osh getting his donut with Leni might be another adorable must watch.

And hey, the Caps are losing right now 5-3 but that's ok. I'm not worried about it. It's a long season and the Caps have been in first place for the majority of it. Every team goes through hiccups. But it's just a 2 goal game going into the 3rd, who knows what the 3rd will bring. And I bet sure as hell Oshie wants another donut.