Jimmy Butler Is Already Recruiting Joel Embiid To Miami

Well well well would you look at what we have here. No, not Joel Embiid being in his feelings on social media, at this point that is par for the course. Maybe stop losing all the time and dig yourself out of the 5 seed when you were supposed to be a top 2 seed before you start talking but that's not the point of this blog. 

I suppose I'll phrase this as a question. What part of The Process is Joel Embiid going to Miami with Jimmy Butler? We all thought there were big time issues with Jimmy Butler and the Sixers and that's why he bounced. He kept saying shit went down that he would never speak of. What if Butler and Embiid were on the same side of whatever that was? Now there's one giant red flag here for me. You have to be in ridiculous shape to play for the Miami Heat. They have the most rigorous conditioning program in the league and sat dudes for being fat this very season. We didn't see James Johnson for like the first two months before Pat Riley decided he wasn't too fat to play. Something tell me that lifestyle isn't exactly Embiid's preference. He's a dude that has no interest in getting in shape, seeing as how we've never seen him in shape at any point of his NBA career. He just monsters through people.

But listen, if we want to get nuts and talk simply if this trade could be possible? Well the Heat certainly have the contracts to make the money work. Pat Riley just has to find $29M in salary. That's like Iguodala and Olynyk. Boom done. Throw in like Tyler Herro and whatever picks it takes or some shit I don't know. What we do know is the market has been set on young big men and it ain't great. Best case is what, the Anthony Davis package? Who has that to trade that would also be in on Embiid? You almost never get fair value, it'll hurt no matter what. Which is why the Sixers would be silly to trade Embiid. They certainly don't have to think about it any time soon given he has 3 more guaranteed years before UFA. But you know who will be in MIA in 2023? Jimmy Butler. And also whoever Pat Riley adds to a team that's ready to compete. If the Sixers feel like Embiid won't sign past this current deal, they gotta move him at some point instead of losing him for nothing.

The troubling thing here is the response from Embiid. Not exactly what you want to see from your franchise player pretty much saying he'd love to play in a different city. With a guy that burned the Sixers in free agency no less. Hopefully Embiid is trolling here, but probably not. 


Remember Jimmy Butler posted this on October 22nd 2018

He was traded on November 9th