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Minnesota Trades Jason Zucker to The Penguins For Galchenyuk Because Galchenyuk Has To Get Traded Every Year

And the opening bell on the trade market has been rung. BIG move for the Penguins. Jason Zucker has always struck me as the type of player who is built for the playoffs. He also strikes me as the type of guy who Sidney Crosby can make into a super star. Huge haul for the Wild and they can probably spin this as "we got a replacement for Zucker, the Penguins top prospect, and first round pick so we are still trying to make the playoffs". I think this is a trade that will work out for both teams. 

It is crazy how many times Galchenyuk has been traded. Former 3rd overall pick. Montreal was seemingly trying to trade him forever. He was always rumored to be going. They finally found a taker with the Coyotes. AZ trades him to the Pens and the Pens quickly realized that "yeah, yuck, no thanks". 4 teams in like 4 years and now Galchenyuk is facing a contract year. Someone will pay him decent money in the hopes that the light finally comes on. 

I am very jealous of the Penguins. They've never really fallen off. Every year they're somehow in a position to add an important piece at the deadline and make a run. Going for it while the getting is still good.