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Andre Iguodala's Explanation Of The Memphis Fiasco Makes No Sense

So Andre Iguodala opened up about his whole Grizzlies ordeal and ultimately ending up in Miami, and I have to say it doesn't quite add up. While we'll never truly know the whole story and each side is going to have their own agenda, I did find this part of the interview interesting

Because there’s some local media in Memphis who acted like that wasn’t the case.

Well, that’s always going to be the case. That’s what I’m saying. That’s why I said I didn’t do anything special, and that’s why I’m saying that I’m joking about the ‘case study’ part because there was a mutual agreement. … It was brought to me, you understand what I’m saying? It was brought to me. The (Warriors) trade happens, and it’s brought to me, (and he’s told), “Hey, we know you’re coming from this situation and, you know, it may not be ideal for you…”

Whose voice is this?

Not mine.

Their side?

Not mine. It was never — like I never approached anyone to say, “Hey, this is not somewhere that I want to be, and I’m not going to show up.” That never occurred. But that’s never going to get put out there because, you know…

Clarify that though. Did the Grizzlies say (that it was fine to stay away)?

I mean, that’s all I can (say). That’s on my end. All I know is what happens on my end, for me, so — but I understand how the game is played, and I understand when perception comes into play that people have to protect themselves. So the narrative can change from so many different ways, right? That’s in politics, where everyone tries to make themselves seem to be put in a certain light. I always say that it always goes back to that (idea that) if something goes wrong, let’s cover our asses if something doesn’t go (right). If you have to answer to someone…

Do you feel like (the Grizzlies) have done some of that?

I mean, that’s not up to me to say. All I know is that I never stated that I wasn’t going to play there, and I never stated that I didn’t want to play with those guys. But I know that’s public territory (where they reacted), and I can handle it, and that’s why I never went out and said, “You know, this person is a liar. That person’s a liar.”

On the surface, it's not that unreasonable to think that the Grizzles were the ones who were all about Andre sitting out. I mean they are on different timelines and all that. But there's only one problem, and that's what Shams reported back in September

So what was it? Was it the Grizzlies who brought up the idea to Iguodala that he could just sit out while they worked out a trade since they refused to buy him out? If that was the case then why did they want him to report to training camp? It doesn't really add up. If Iguodala was down to play and was interested in being active like he claims….why didn't he show up. We are to believe the Grizzlies would have said no if he came to them saying he wanted to play? Maybe, but I find that unlikely considering they are in a playoff hunt, you'd think they would take all the help they could get. 

If I had to guess, once the GS trade went down the Grizzlies probably approached Iguodala to gauge his interest in actually playing for them. He probably said no you guys suck, I'd prefer a buyout. They said no, we'll try and trade you, so while we do that feel free to sit out and collect those checks. Iguodala said sure and ultimately they found a deal. I just can't believe that Iguodala arrived in Memphis and was all about playing with those guys, yet never played with them. Does that mean shit is bullshit too?

Does that sound like a player who wanted to play with the Grizzlies? Like I said, both sides were down with the idea that he would sit out until he was moved, but now that he got moved it's a little weak for him to come out and say he never had a problem playing in Memphis. Yes you did. You thought they were going to suck just like a lot of people. In the end it all worked out, they got some promising pieces and you got the bag and now play for a contender. Now it's all a "narrative" that you didn't want to play there? OK, bud.

If anything people are applauding Iguodala for his elite level finesse, so it feels weird to me that he's now trying to say there was never any issue on his side and that he never expressed any of the issues that were being reported. That just feels like a blatant lie.