Phil Mickelson Practicing The Reverse Overhead Flop Shot Because, Hey, You Never Know


Hey, you just never know.  Mr. Creative Phil Mickelson can never be too prepared.  Most people would approach that golf shot and take it straight on.  Not Phil, nope.  Turn around and flop shot it to within feet.  If I tried that shot there’s no doubt in my mind I’d blade it and send the golf ball flying through someone’s living room window.  I feel like we need to bring Sal Masekela in and have him give it a badass name like he does with skateboard tricks.  The switch reverse flopper lefty hill shot. I don’t know, something like that.  I suck at it.

It’s not the first time Phil has practiced this shot.


He even teaches it.


And who could forget Miguel Angel Jimenez’s shot from 4 years ago?  Miguel is such a G.



h/t @davis221015