Does Your Mom Even Love You If She Doesn't Get Your Name Tattooed On Her Head Like Amber Rose?

Page 6 - Amber Rose got a permanent tribute to her children — on her face.

The model, 36, debuted a huge forehead tattoo with “Bash” and “Slash,” the names of her two children, written in cursive.

Rose showed off the new ink while sneaker shopping with CoolKicks, an LA footwear store, for a YouTube video. She has not yet posted the tattoo on her Instagram or otherwise addressed the eyebrow-raising look.

You thought your mother loved you? Well think again, hot shot. Because chances are unless your mother is Amber Rose, she doesn't love you enough to get your name tattooed on her head. Some mothers *think* they love their kids, but are any really willing to prove it to the extent Amber Rose is? I think not.

Oh yours helped you get through school, is always there for you when you need are, and is basically a saint on Earth? Well big whoop. Until your name is scribbled on her shaved head you might as well be roadkill. You might as well not even go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas if your mom is going to disrespect you with her "understanding your decisions" and "always sending you a card on your birthday" bullshit. 

The bar has been raised. The normal has been changed. If your mom doesn't get your name permanently inked on her face by sundown you have official proof she hates your guts and wishes you die. Sorry for the tough truth but unfortunately I don't make the rules, I just follow them. Your move, mom.