THIS (XTREME FOOTBALL) LEAGUE: XFL Defensive Coordinator Pepper Johnson Has Reportedly Been Fired By The Los Angeles Wildcats After One (1) Game

Stunning news out of Los Angeles today as Pepper Johnson reportedly has been fired by the Los Angeles Wildcats after one game. I think. I'm starting to realize that while the XFL is a fun football league to watch now that the NFL's season is over, there are still some issues to be worked out like who we can trust with breaking news if the Ian Rapaports, Adam Schefters, or anyone with a blue checkmark is breaking said news. As someone that is lucky enough to own a blue checkmark, I know how worthless the person with the checkmark can be. However, seeing that blue check makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside about the trustworthiness of the #source. 

For now this story pretty much only appears from people named Konnor (I have NEVER seen Connor spelled like that) and unverified Twitter handles that have XFL somewhere in their name, including XFLWorldWide who appeared to have the story confirmed first.

Ooooh, that last one has an article attached. Lets see what it says!

Damn. But as someone from a non-traditional news source that broke news just last week about the Steve Cohen deal falling through, I am going to choose to believe it for 3 reasons.

1. I know how good the rush of breaking news feels (no matter how bad it is) and also know how quickly that rush disappears because you are dismissed for not working at ESPN or some other Big J company.

2. Firing coaches after 1 game is about as XTREME as it gets in sports now that many of the things that made XFL 1.0 Xtreme has been banned due to candy ass stuff like "caring about players safety and well-being".


3. A defense simply cannot give up 37 points to the *checks XFL scoreboard* Roughnecks in the first game in franchise history. It doesn't matter if you are Thomas Johnson, Pepper Johnson, or Thomas "Pepper" Johnson. You simply cannot allow *checks scoreboard again* Houston to hang 37 on you, no matter how much BB HC of NEP loves you.

After some more digging, it appears we may have confirmation based on Wildcats OLB Anthony Johnson's tweets.

As well as what could be the first ever meme subtweet firing in XFL history, which would be a revolutionary moment in both sports and internet history.

More on this story as it develops...

UPDATE: I will never doubt a Twitter handle with the letters XFL in it again.


P.S. #Hmmmmmm