Nothing Like Two Guys Chucking Bombs On The Pond

In honor of the Barstool Pond Hockey tournament kicking off next weekend, I figured I should throw up a blog promoting the lovely game of pond hockey and what better way to do it than with a video of two guys just chucking absolute knucks on Lake Muskoka this past weekend. 

We had our guy Seth (running pond hockey tourny with Live Event Lisa) with boots on the ground in Ontario this past weekend checking out the scene of the local pond hockey tournaments and let me just say, the scouting report was everything we hoped for. Just a bunch of beauties just hockey guying it up. Drinking a zillion beers, getting in scraps and having a grand old time. And you know both guys were out at the bar that night bragging about dummying the other guy, as they should. 

Also hearing it was -7 degrees in Gravenhurst this past weekend. These dudes were just casually punching each other in the face in -7 degree weather goes to show everything you need to know about Pond Hockey. 

I myself am more of a make-friends-with-the-other-team type of guy so I don't get slashed or take a high stick to the teeth. But every team has a guy or two that is going into the game 100% ready to throw down. 

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