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Bachelor Facts

I may or may not have been invited to watch the Bachelor tonight, and I may or may not have lied by saying I’m a fan of the show, while in actuality, I have never seen a single episode, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this conundrum. 

Luckily for us, there is a wealth of information on Wikipedia that can be scrubbed and turned into talking points for tonight's party. Feel free to use the below “BachFacts”, that are guaranteed to impress even the most diehard of fans, or even print out the convenient Pocket Reference Guide, if you want finer details of what you’ve missed over the last 421 episodes.

Talking Points

  • “Pretty crazy to think that there have been more attorneys on the show (14) than women named Lauren (13)”
  • “Nobody named Jeff has ever won the Bachelorette, but one Jef has”
  • “The more objectively awful your name is (Kiptyn, Krisily, Tenley), the better chance you have of coming in second.”
  • There have been the same amount of nannies on the show as women from Kansas. Just something to think about."
  • “22% of the women that come in dead last have worked in Real Estate, nothing wrong with working in real estate, but you have to admit that’s pretty fascinating.”
  • “The most represented home states of the contestants directly align to total population, aside from Pennsylvania, (5th most populous state, 13th most popular home state) PROVING that residents of PA are generally, hideously grotesque”
  • “100% of the Gerontologists that have competed have come in 18th place”
  • “Did you know only 1 regular eyeglasses wearer (Ed) has ever won either show?”
  • “My favorite contestant ever has to be 24 year old War Veteran, Jubilee Sharpe, from Bachelor season 20”
  • "There have been the same amount of Jumbotron Operators (1)on the show as contestants from Minnetonka (1), they were the same person and were the first eliminated in season 17"

And finally, if these talking points fail you, pull out this guide from your wallet, to discreetly educate yourself on the shows history.