"Cahtah Haht Is Good To Go" - Alain Vigneault

Rear fucking Admiral, man. 

For the first time in decades, the Flyers have a legitimate franchise goaltender. They've finally been able to get that young stud in between the pipes who they can rely on for years to come. And for his entire career here in Philadelphia, we'll be hearing nothing but RearAd impressions every time anybody says his name. Carter Hart doesn't exist anymore. He is officially Cahtah Haht from now on. Put it on the back of his sweater. Put it on his HockeyDB. Put it on his passport. The kid has the potential to be the greatest Flyers goalie in our generation and we'll never hear his name without hearing Rear Admiral. Unbelievable. 

Oh and sidenote, here's the mask Cahtah will be wearing in cage tonight. 

Real good stuff from the kid there. And even better work by @paintzoo on the design. RIP Razor.