Oh No! Michigan State Sports Are A Complete Mess: Sparty Hoops Just Became The 2nd Preseason No. 1 Team To Fall Out Of The Top-25

Let's just do a quick check on Michigan State right now. Their 'legendary' football head coach quit a day before Signing Day, but not after he cashed that multi-million dollar bonus. Their top target already said no to the job. JackMac has the rest of the football stuff covered.

Then there's basketball. The preseason No. 1 team in the country. The one that was a heavy favorite to win it all. What could go wrong? Well, lucky for you here's the list of things of what went wrong: 

- Joshua Langford got hurt in October again, was ruled out indefinitely, which everyone knew was the entire season. Eventually a little over a month later he was ruled out for the season. There goes a scoring wing and a guy to help out Cassius Winston.

- Michigan State failed miserably at replacing Kenny Goins. This is the most important part as to why they are an average team right now. What made MSU so good last year was the fact Goins could step up, let Nick Ward/Tillman play in the post 1v1 and be a threat to shoot. Not to mention he's solid defensively. Malik Hall filled the role for one half. Marcus Bingham isn't doing that. Julius Marble isn't doing that. 

- Rocket Watts has been inconsistent while Gabe Brown and Aaron Henry never made the jump that everyone thought. People think and thought Henry was going to turn himself into a first round pick. That ain't happening right now. 

Hell, even Tom Izzo is screaming about Twitter after losses: 

That's all before we even get into the obvious loss Cassius Winston had with his brother dying and trying to cope with that in the locker room. 

But now here we are in February and it's time to really question just how good this team is. Yes, Winston is one of the best, if not the best guard in the country. That matters. But losing away from home matters and that's typically what Michigan State is doing. They are now 6-6 away from home with wins over Georgia, UCLA and Oakland as 3 of them. Not exactly great. Shit doesn't get easier either. Next game is at Illinois. After that: home to Maryland, at Nebraska, home to Iowa, at Maryland, at Penn State and home to Ohio State. 

Big win for that Kentucky team no longer being the team not in the top-25, despite making the national title game.