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Brandon Manning Got The Brakes Beat Off Of Him By Boko Imama Just A Few Weeks After Manning Was Suspended For Using A Racial Slur Toward Him

So a little backstory here in case some of you haven't been able to keep up with the happenings in the AHL this year. A few weeks ago, Brandon Manning was suspended 5 games by the AHL for using a racial slur towards Boko Imama of the Ontario Reign. We're not sure what exactly was said but I'm going to go ahead and assume it wasn't great. Manning had apologized for the comments but...I mean...what does an apology actually do?

"To say I've learned from this situation is an under-statement and I promise to be better". Sure thing, pal. I could understand that if it were coming from a 9-year-old kid maybe. But Brandon Manning is 29. He's gone from the WHL to the AHL to the NHL and now back to the AHL. He's been around the game long enough and he's been on this Earth long enough to know how to not be a piece of shit. Yet apparently that wasn't enough. So no, a 5-game suspension probably isn't enough to teach this 29-year-old a lesson that he should have learned multiple decades ago. 

Sometimes all that's left to do is to simply just beat the lesson into somebody. Which is exactly what Boko Imama got the chance to do over the weekend when the Reign played the Condors for the first time since the incident. 

Sweet, sweet justice. 

Oh and to make the night even better, Imama ended the night with a Gordie Howe Hat Trick and the Reign absolute shit pumped the Condors 10-3 that night. 

You truly just love to see it. Have to imagine McDavid is pretty fired up about it as well.