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Philip Rivers And The Chargers Have Officially Parted Ways And I'm Going To Cry

Rivers leaves the Chargers as their all-time leader in yards, passing touchdowns, quarterback rating, games played, yards per game, completion percentage and much much more. For me, he's more or less the only quarterback I have ever known since getting into football and becoming a Chargers fan. I had Brees for a few years, but almost my entire life I've been rooting for this southern, wholesome gunslinger to pull off a miraculous 4th quarter game-winning drive. There has been plenty of ups, like the last few Schottenheimer years and the playoff wins over Indy, but also plenty of downs. I'll always remember the good times, and I'll never stop rocking my extremely faded Rebook Rivers jersey. LT is the player that got me into football, but Rivers is the player that kept me clung to this horribly great franchise. Thank you for everything, Phil. 

Ok now that I have the blog published and can continue proclaiming my love for this guy let's just watch some of my favorite highlights of his. The one game that will always stick out to me is the '07 AFC championship. This dude put it all on the fucking line to try and beat the undefeated Patriots, one of the best teams ever, while playing on a torn ACL without LT or Antonio Gates. That's like agreeing to fight Mike Tyson without being able to use your arms. Can you imagine the balls that takes? He was 26 years old and willing to risk the rest of his entire career to get the franchise into the super bowl. I don't care that they lost, he secured my undying loyalty for life that day. 

He is also undoubtably one of the best trash talkers to ever do it in the NFL. It's one thing to call another player a douchebag, dickhead or whatever. That's tired. But actually getting into your opponents head using PG shit-talk? That's wired

He is also undoubtedly 3 things: 

1. The best quarterback to never play in a Super Bowl

2. A Hall of Famer

3. The best reaction face QB ever.